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Saturday, October 1, 2016

1 Fan A Day: Cheyenne Byrd from Facebook JUMPS on the new "Fully Loaded" Single

Skully & N.O.R.E. continue to receive "1 Fan A Day"!  The latest fan to jump on the single "Fully Loaded" is a woman by the name of Cheyenne that caught wind of the single being promoted through social media by Jay of The Media Blast... this is what she had to say after finding out about the single then immediately went to purchase the song.

I Fucking LIVE for N.O.R.E. I even remember when he was Noreaga and switched it up to Nore. I was such a fan, I'd decided that my first child would be named Nore!  *twerks in the bathroom mirror* Everyone likes a song that makes woman want to dance.  - Cheyenne Byrd 


Indeed Indeed

More updates featuring Skully's new single "Fully Loaded" coming soon!

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